Studying Nature From New Perspectives

same buds different perspective

Intending to write on this topic later, I thought that these pictures might make a good lead-in into it.  Tom Brown, a primitive living and naturalist skills instructor told the story once of an incident with his mentor where his perspective on nature was challenged.  In the story his mentor is sitting in a forest watching an animal for a long period of time and Tom is perplexed as to what the animal is.  He’s further off at this point and there are some bushes that block his sight.  Upon coming up beside the man, Tom notices that what his mentor is looking at is a common robin, and Tom makes the off-handed statement that “It’s just a robin” or something to that affect.  Rightfully, his mentor sets him straight and teaches him to look not solely at the bird as a creature of its group, not as of the species of robin, but as an individual. What this does, I think is entirely transforms the way we look at common everyday, natural objects.  Indeed, we have much more to learn from the robin and everything else on this earth.

So I’m fooling with perspective, trying to find new life in seemingly old objects, trying to sense things afresh.  Here are some pictures that I took today that I think do that.   Additionally, please check out the new page that I attached up top.  This has a few more photos in it, and will be the main repository for photography in the future.  Also, please feel free to comment.


Stinging Nettle: native medicinal and edible (after cooked or dried)

Daylily: native edible, entire plant


Tansy: Introduced traditional medicinal, insecticide.


Pennycress: native annual, mustard family


Salsify--introduced edible, entire plant.

oregon grape

Flowers of the Oregon Grape: Native Medicinal

Same buds different perspective

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