Greenhorns Sensing The Good Rain

This morning the clouds moved in fast and we knew that the storm that was predicted a week ago was finally here.  Typical spring weather was now in season.  The odd days of 70+ degrees which we had experienced these past few weeks was now finally an anomaly, now finally lowering to the 60’s and 50’s that are usual for this time of year. The temperature dropping slightly.  The spring rain had come.

When the rain first came, it came, as it sometimes does, slowly.  Then by the afternoon, it had built up, and as our neighbors quietly retired to their houses to cover their heads from the breaking water drops, we went out to play.

It’s strange to me that so many people feel the need to protect themselves from the weather.  Sure it’s wise at times.  Shelter and clothing are good and necessary things.  But many times I suspect that there is something else going on, something indecent.  Mothers wrapping their children tight in many suffocating layers of clothes could be similar to mothers telling their children not to play with pill-bugs or millipedes because insects are scary.  The rain certainly didn’t hurt us.

Ironically, I was reading to my son tonight out of an old boy scout manual that gave this sage advice:

The poncho is a man’s best friend in a downpour. With water-repellant hike shoes and your waterproof poncho you move inside a walking tent. And man that’s a smart place to be; only greenhorns don’t know when to come in out of the rain.

Who would of thought?  All day we had been playing out in the elements like greenhorns.  We had failed to wear our walking tents.  Apparently the manual fails to recognize that there is need in our society not only to go out for a quiet walk in the weather, but instead to feel, to sense, to explore, to hunt and to play in it.  Not just survive in it but live in it.  And sometimes that walking tent must be discarded so that these things that are our birthrights can be experienced at all.  Protecting ourselves from the elements many times can lead us to protecting ourselves from nature.  This sort of protection leads to fear and an unknowing of wild places.  And a person that does not love, but fears, a place cannot care for it properly.

It is no small thing that many religions have water as a central symbol.  It is a good thing to cherish (and to play in).

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4 Responses to Greenhorns Sensing The Good Rain

  1. 1left says:

    Good point indeed, we wouldn’t care much for ourselves if we didn’t love rain. We see the joy of this here. great post

  2. S says:

    I love the pictures!

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