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Rotting Flesh Perfume and Finding the Wilderness Among The Concrete

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Currently we live in suburbia, on the edge of where city meets farmland and eventually where farmland meets forests.  Usually edges in nature are rich places where there is a extreme amount of diversity and interaction among species.  You’ll find … Continue reading

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Studying Nature From New Perspectives

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Intending to write on this topic later, I thought that these pictures might make a good lead-in into it.  Tom Brown, a primitive living and naturalist skills instructor told the story once of an incident with his mentor where his … Continue reading

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Spring Ephemeral Exploitation and The Pictures To Prove It!

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Spring Ephemerals are plants that exploit a niche in the forest between the time of snow melt and the leafing out of trees.  During this time of the year, sunlight is able to permeate the forest floor much more readily … Continue reading

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Why wild food matters: wildcrafting as a gastronomic art

Yesterday we raked our suburban backyard and gathered acorns. After we pulled the leaves off the grass, there were piles of them scattered all around in the dirt. We gathered them up in a bowl and are now in the … Continue reading

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